Basilik are one of the most powerful dragons by their capacity of transform.

Information Edit

Basiliks are almost unknown because they are really dangerous and the only safe way to aproach safely to one of them is with the Horn of Saint-Gilbert, wich will give you a total control over the dragon.

Advantages Edit

-They can transform in any kind of dragon -They are extremely powerful -They will attack the most deadly enemy around

Disadvantage Edit

Their biggest weakness is their ability to identify the most powerful enemy to attack, this is as convenient as a disadvantage, because they are proud and if they see another basilik and a Night Fury they will attack the basilik. If you are in a match against a basilik your best option is a big mirror because they attack the most DEADLY enemy, and if they see another dragon and a human they will obviously attack the dragon. That's your oportunnity to run away. If you stay, it will probably know that the enemy is YOU and not the mirror.