The emperor dragons eggs were once thought to be huge pearls

Dr.Ernest Drake


The emperor dragon exists in both the east and the west,It was once thought that the emporer dragon was the largest of dragons however we now know that is not true infact it is the Wythern. The emperor dragon is a 5 toe'd dragon in both the east and the west however in the east it can be distingushd from the others but in the west not so simple

Western appearanceEdit

In the west the emperor dragon looks much like a huge purple/white dragon whitch is very tall. It feeds on you and wild animals far away from citys and villages because if it became in contact with humans it would kill instanly unless a bond was made........


Eastern appearanceEdit

In the east the emperor dragon is much less agresive it has even been known to eat right out of your hand!. It is either bright red and orange or greenish blue it is often confused with the chinese lung.LOL LOL