The draco occidentalis martitimus is their scientifical name

Information Edit

Frost dragons fly thosends of miles each year to ensure that they spend the greater part of the year in there faverote dark winter climates hunting for food.

Their nest is almost always a cave in an iceberg.

The dimensions of an adult is like 40 feet long 12 to 15 feet high.

Their colour is pure white or white tinged with blue or pink

If someting enter to their territorry they will attack with frosty blast, tail, claws, horns.

Theyr usual preys are Giant squid, polar bear, orca, walrus, leopard seal

Important places Edit


They put eggs here and most of them are left in glaciers or icebergs.


Sometimes they hunt here.

North poleEdit

They migrate here for some of the summer for hunting.


Is their original home.

Aparitions Edit

Some of them appear in dragonology chronicles volume 2, The drsgon diary, as a guard of Alexandra's ice palace.