Lindworms are monster-like dragons commonly mistaken for snakes they originate from sweden


Lindworms are European dragons that live in the west they are mostly famed for being swedish and german beasts however lately they have been spoted in the asian desrts chasing camels. Lindworms look like strange serpent like dragons who are wingless they are greenish but can be grey the futher north [of Swenden] you go. They like Knuckers are venom using dragons. In Sweden Lindworms are portrayed as evil beasts who hunt humans and are very large,In Germany they are seen as creatures whitch represent death itself,In Asia they are seen as hunters who destroy cattle and need to be killed on sight.


Lindworms can live in any enviroment so before they terrorised Sweden they could have been huge winged dragons like there cousins the european dragon because there are some ancient artifacts from England with strange Lind worm looking creatures on the artifacts. There logical home is Sweden.