The thunder drum will create a devistating souund whitch can be fatal kill on sight!

The Thunderdrum is a huge Lindworm looking creature with a huge mouth whitch can create a terrible concussing sound whitch if you hear it from far away might make you faint but if you are close it may kill you. It is an exitable dragon and one of the easiest to train. it will never make the death sound unless its life is at stake. While its young and your training it it wont like to be left alone and may steel jewlrey. If you would like to keep a thunder drum as a pet/freind it needs a nice dark place with a matress and pillows it also needs some glass, jewlrey and mabey if you can afford it some gold it also is fond of statues so mabey put a few ornaments in this place. You must remember the thunder drum will never make the sound unless you are gone so dont be afraid of him/her.


This particular dragon used to live around Denmark and England but before it came from the west it was origonly from the east but when the British empire came to hong kong they took away the thunder drum and brought it to England then they were traded to Denmark but can survive all over Europe just like the Knucker and even up north like the Frost so you can find it anywhere in the west.